picture of Nigel html signature

A simple html signature made using only Thunderbird as a html editor

I’ve just updated the html signature for my e-mail account to include a my set of social network icons.  It was pretty simple to do using the write mail function in Thunderbird.  For anyone interested in updating html signature this way

Open Thunderbird
write you signature in the body of the message – insert images from your hard disk if you want.  The image editor for Thunderbird is very clear to use.  You can add spacing (padding) and resize image.  In fact, I’ve never realised it previous, not only is Thunderbird a great mail client, it also function pretty well as a simple html editor, especially for those occasions when you don’t want to add a style sheet.  Does anybody send a style sheet with their e-mail signature.
Once you’ve got the text and images appearing how you want it select the composed new signature
In the Insert > HTML menu open the real HTML editor select and copy everything to your clipboard.  It will look something like

<font color=”#6d0fa2″><i>Nigel Robson</i></font> – <i><font
color=”#6d0fa2″>N</font><font color=”#8ac350″>J</font><font
color=”#6d0fa2″>R Partnership</font></i><br>
<i><font color=”#8ac350″>T :</font></i> <i><font color=”#8ac350″>0191
<font color=”#8ac350″><i>E :</i></font> <i><font color=”#6d0fa2″>myemail@gmail.com</font></i><br>
<a href=”http://www.njrpartnership.co.uk/”><img alt=”Link to NJR
Partnership website”
height=”88″ border=”0″ width=”174″></a><br>
<a href=”http://twitter.com/#%21/njrpartnership”><img alt=”twitter logo”
height=”32″ border=”0″ width=”32″></a><a
height=”32″ hspace=”3″ border=”0″ width=”32″></a><a
href=”http://www.delicious.com/njrpartnership”><img alt=”delicous”
height=”32″ hspace=”3″ border=”0″ width=”32″></a><a
alt=”View Linkedin profile for Nigel”
height=”32″ hspace=”3″ border=”0″ width=”32″></a><a
href=”http://feeds.feedburner.com/virtualweddingfair”><img alt=”View
Virtual Wedding Fair – development project from NJR Partnership”
height=”32″ hspace=”3″ border=”0″ width=”32″></a>

  • Now open Tools > Account Settings and tick the Signature text box.
  • Finally paste the html into the box and you have a signature.

This signature will work as long as you keep the images in the directories you selected on your local hard drive.  If you look carefully at the above you will see that my images are in the local file location I:\NJR Admin\Clerical House-keeping\html signature

If you need the social network icons you can grab a few from my website www.njrpartnership.co.uk


Technorati Claim

As you all know it is vital not have other businesses occupying your cyber space. The term is cybersquatting and refers primarily to URLs but important social network areas such as facebook and twitter accounts should be claimed by each business as a matter of urgency.
NJR Partnership is in the process of claiming the Technorati name and needs to include as part of the process the text the following short code JBR8QVA9WWTU within a new blog post and publish it. Once it is published, use the “Verify Claim Token” button to tell Technorati your blog is ready for verification.

Stopping leaks at St James Park

St James Park, home of Newcastle United - not such a leaky place thanks to Utilities Manager Software developed and maintained by NJR Partnership

St James Park, home of Newcastle United - not such a leaky place thanks to Utilities Manager Software developed and maintained by NJR Partnership

Premier League Football Club Newcastle United has become the latest client of Demeter to use NJR Partnership developed software.

Water consumption at St James’ Park is now being monitored continually confirming excessive consumption and opportunities to improve water efficiency.  Together Demeter and Newcastle United will work to save water consumption and reduce costs.

The on-line Utilitiy manager software that Demeter use was developed and is maintained by NJR Partnership.  Newcastle United Stadium Manager can login 24/7 from any internet connection to view the water consupmtion on-line in an easy to use interface.

If you are interested in saving money on your water bills and having effective notification systems in place should your site water usage change contact Demeter Limited.

Gala Day

Saturday 9th July was the annual Durham Miners’ Gala Day, also known as the big meet.  It was originally a political lobbying rally, the coal mine owners in the Durham Coal Field used to meet at the County Hotel to set the miners’ wages for the following year.  After nationalisation of the mines the tradition of gathering for a rally in Durham continued, it is trade union event.

Members of Westoe Band during Gala Day 2009

Members of Westoe Band during Gala Day 2009

I play trombone and brass bands feature prominently in Gala Day.  Early morning the NUM Colliery Lodge banner is carried out of the former colliery welfare club, working mens institute or whatever.  The brass band form up and play the Miners Hymn – Gresford, written by Robert Saint from Jarrow to commemorate the 266 miners who died in the Gresford Colliery accident 22nd September 1934.

At 7:30 I played Gresford for the Craghead Lodge Banner with Craghead Band where my son plays, with guests from the York Railway Institute band.  We then marched through the village to the Victory and Labour Club where the banner was displayed before the band and ex-miners boarded two coaches for Durham.

In Durham I met up with my band Westoe Band in the Market Place and at 9:15 we set-off for the County Hotel.  The event has about 50 Lodge Banners each with a Band so the whole town is a noisy cacophony of brass band march music.  At the County Hotel each band plays a party piece, in previous years only the Colliery Bands where there had been a mining fatality were allowed to play outside the County, the Lodge Banner having a black drap hanging on it.  After the County you march past the Dun Cow Pub to the University Sports Field.  There was a time when the leader of the Labour Party would proudly stand on the balcony of the County Hotel with several of his cabinet (or shadow cabinet) colleagues.  For some reason Tony Blair never managed to fit it into his schedule despite several NUM lodges being within his Sedgefield constituency.  Ed Miliband did promise to attend this year but didn’t – we think he’s afraid of Bob Crow.  It is a disgrace that any politician is not prepared to be seen in their natural constituency and what’s more be comfortable.

Most brass bands in the North East have origins as Colliery Bands and the mining and socialist traditions of the area feature prominently in many bands schedules.  In the past five years I’ve played at three memorial services for the Centenary of Mining disasters, the annual Thomas Hepburn Memorial Service and  for the unveiling of the new Westoe Lodge Banner by David Miliband.

David Miliband at the unveiling of the new Westoe Lodge Banner 2009

David Miliband at the unveiling of the new Westoe Lodge Banner 2009

At about 2:00 bands begin to regroup  on the field (after several pints at the Prison Wardens Club) and march the banners out of town, or in the case of new banners up to the Cathedral to be blessed in the Church service.

Westoe Band with the Westoe Lodge Banner after the 2009 Cathedral service

Westoe Band with the Westoe Lodge Banner after the 2009 Cathedral service

Design for the NHS

NJR Partnership has just received a very bizarre phone call from a “blagger”. The deal offered was that she represents the NHS (National Health Service) and is looking for three web design companies in the Washington Area to design web sites for local dentists, GP Practices etc. at discounted prices. NJR Partnership would be added to a supplier list that NHS organisations use. It was pointed out that even the spouses of doctors and dentists are often self-employed and may need a web site. The Partnership would be added to this index web site without any audit of its work. Of course her script included the typical yes only answer questions. Ask her a question and the girl was clueless.

So to the point where she gets a commission payment.

“Can I arrange an appointment for the system to be demonstrated ?”

“So what is it going to cost to be added to this register of Washington based web site designers who’ll offer the NHS discounted work?”

“Our most popular package is £7 per week”

This episode raises the wider question of “What is the value of an indexing site ?” Certainly, some NJR clients have good site traffic as a result of using index sites, especially gumtree. However, other are frustrated by inaccurate listing that cannot be easily updated or removed. NJR Partnership client Durham Trophies, was listed for years as a supplier of fabricated farming equipment.