picture of Nigel html signature

A simple html signature made using only Thunderbird as a html editor

I’ve just updated the html signature for my e-mail account to include a my set of social network icons.  It was pretty simple to do using the write mail function in Thunderbird.  For anyone interested in updating html signature this way

Open Thunderbird
write you signature in the body of the message – insert images from your hard disk if you want.  The image editor for Thunderbird is very clear to use.  You can add spacing (padding) and resize image.  In fact, I’ve never realised it previous, not only is Thunderbird a great mail client, it also function pretty well as a simple html editor, especially for those occasions when you don’t want to add a style sheet.  Does anybody send a style sheet with their e-mail signature.
Once you’ve got the text and images appearing how you want it select the composed new signature
In the Insert > HTML menu open the real HTML editor select and copy everything to your clipboard.  It will look something like

<font color=”#6d0fa2″><i>Nigel Robson</i></font> – <i><font
color=”#6d0fa2″>N</font><font color=”#8ac350″>J</font><font
color=”#6d0fa2″>R Partnership</font></i><br>
<i><font color=”#8ac350″>T :</font></i> <i><font color=”#8ac350″>0191
<font color=”#8ac350″><i>E :</i></font> <i><font color=”#6d0fa2″>myemail@gmail.com</font></i><br>
<a href=”http://www.njrpartnership.co.uk/”><img alt=”Link to NJR
Partnership website”
height=”88″ border=”0″ width=”174″></a><br>
<a href=”http://twitter.com/#%21/njrpartnership”><img alt=”twitter logo”
height=”32″ border=”0″ width=”32″></a><a
height=”32″ hspace=”3″ border=”0″ width=”32″></a><a
href=”http://www.delicious.com/njrpartnership”><img alt=”delicous”
height=”32″ hspace=”3″ border=”0″ width=”32″></a><a
alt=”View Linkedin profile for Nigel”
height=”32″ hspace=”3″ border=”0″ width=”32″></a><a
href=”http://feeds.feedburner.com/virtualweddingfair”><img alt=”View
Virtual Wedding Fair – development project from NJR Partnership”
height=”32″ hspace=”3″ border=”0″ width=”32″></a>

  • Now open Tools > Account Settings and tick the Signature text box.
  • Finally paste the html into the box and you have a signature.

This signature will work as long as you keep the images in the directories you selected on your local hard drive.  If you look carefully at the above you will see that my images are in the local file location I:\NJR Admin\Clerical House-keeping\html signature

If you need the social network icons you can grab a few from my website www.njrpartnership.co.uk


About njrpartnership

Nigel is the senior partner at NJR Partnership web site design and development

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